Move over cities in California, Michigan is the new driver's nightmare!  Our good friends over at have ranked the best and worst cities for driving in the United States and one Michigan city topped the list!  Well, maybe we should say that it rounds out the list...

Detroit has been named the worst city for driving in the United States.  Worse than Las Angeles, worse than San Franciso, worse than Chicago, and even worse than New York.

Detroit has the 2nd worse safety record for driving in the country, the highest car theft rate in the country, and the 6th worst traffic infrastructure in the country.

The methodology that Wallethub used were these 4 key rankings: Cost of Ownership & Maintenance, Traffic & Infrastructure, Safety, and Access to Vehicles & Maintenance.

The best cities for driving are Raleigh, NC (#1), Corpus Christi, TX (#2), Orlando, FL (#3), Greensboro, NC (#4), and Plano, TX (#5).

The worst 5 cities for driving are Seattle, WA (#96), Philadelphia, PA (#97), Oakland, CA (#98), San Francisco, CA (#99) and Detroit as the worst of the worst.

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