Just a few weeks ago the Kansas City Chiefs were once again crowned champions of the NFL and as expected Vegas and the betting books put out the way too early odds for the 2024 Super Bowl. These lists never really hold much weight considering that free agency, the NFL Combine and Draft, and training camps are yet to occur.

Even though there is a lot of time between now and the beginning of the NFL season and even more time before the Super Bowl, the Detroit Lions have the expert's attention. In the past the Lions haven't been able to get into the top half of the league for pre-season Super Bowl odds, now they've soared to the top for both Super Bowl and NFC odds in 2024.

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Noticed In The NFC

According to these odds, they have a +300 on the Packers, +800 on the Vikings, and +3000 on the Bears for chances to be the best team in the NFC, meaning the Lions should win the NFC North division title. If they were to become the best team in the NFC, they would have a first-round bye in their path to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Suprise

This year, the Lions are opening up the early Super Bowl odds in unprecedented territory as they are sitting at +2500 odds to win the championship next year. Now the Lions have never been to the Super Bowl and won their last title in their last trip to the NFL Championship game in 1957.

With their odds at +2500 right now they have the 10th best odds in the NFL to win the Super Bowl as they are tied with a number of teams with these odds, including their division rival, the Green Bay Packers. The Vikings have +4000 odds while the Bears are sitting at +6500.

Is this the year that we see the Lions flourish into the team that many fans believe they should be? Will this be the year that the Ford's vision finally proves to be successful? Will the Lions win the NFC North? The entire NFC? The Super Bowl? Only time will tell.

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