FamilyFeud via YouTube
FamilyFeud via YouTube

It's time to get the family together because the popular game show, Family Feud, is holding auditions in Detroit. Is your family going to be the one to win a bunch of money and possibly a new car?

Auditions will be held somewhere in the Detroit area (location not disclosed yet) on Saturday & Sunday, November 5th and 6th. BUT there is a catch... you have to be invited to attend the audition.

To apply, you must submit a video of you and your family members (there must be five of you). According to the Family Feud website, you send the video to All of you should introduce yourselves, state where you're from and do something to stand out. You can submit a mock game, use props or wear costumes.

To be considered a "family" you must be related by blood, marriage or legal adoption.

There is no word on when the deadline to submit videos is so get them in ASAP!

Below is a video of host, Steve Harvey, further explaining the rules to auditioning.

In the meantime, start watching an endless amount of Family Feud to play along and make amends with any family members if need be.

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