Ferris State's basketball team's first ever national title brought them nationwide attention, but none more so than their young coach's outstanding beard.The Bulldogs tied a national record for the most wins ever by a Division II program with 38 and won the school's first ever national championship in any sport on Saturday when they hung on for a thrilling 71-69 win over Northern State.

When all was said and done on the team's title, however, it was their young coach, Andy Bronkema's beard that was garnering a lot of attention.

The Sporting News called it "amazing", while the Detroit News referred to it as a "Twitter sensation" after people began posting about it following a post game interview on CBS.

Bronkema has traditionally begun growing a beard when each new season starts, and then shaves it when it's done. All of which ended in a Ferris State post season loss. Now that they've won it all what becomes of the beard?

“I’m not sure what he’s gonna do now,” Division II player of the Year Zach Hankins told the Detroit News. “He might have to keep it. It might be a two-foot beard next year."

“On a scale of one to 10, that beard is like an 11.”

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