An 8th grade class at Berwick Middle School in Berwick Pennsylvania was on a field trip to Baltimore, and they stopped to get lunch. Sounds harmless enough. But when the class had to be split up in groups 15 to 20 kids got burgers, fries, and breasts--Hooters--to be exact.

Thanks to Facebook Friend Paul for this-AOL has the whole story here: Pa. 8th Graders' Field Trip Includes Hooters Lunch When I was in school, all we did was take field trips to Kelloggs or to the Kalamazoo Nature Center. Boo! I would have loved a Hooters field trip...we had to eat those crappy school box lunches, or at Kelloggs, we got cereal samples.
As Tony the Tiger would have said about Hooters..."They're GREAT!"


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