And man, does it *look* good.

Get your first look at ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY in theaters this December.

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This movie obviously has more to do with finding the death star plans than anything else. I wonder what the movie will be like. This movie will take place between the end of episode 3 with Anakin becoming Darth Vader, so the bad guys are in charge of the universe. Obi Wan and Yoda are in hiding. The setting of the star wars universe in this particular movie is set for it to truly be an underdogs tale as there doesn't seem to be any jedi left to help the cause. The universe is obviously not lacking in dudes with sweet ninja abilities with a stick. But sticks aren't as cool as light sabers.

I wonder what direction this movie will take, will Darth Vader show his monstrous side and brutality? We know some basic things from the opening scene of episode 4 a New Hope, that ultimately Princess Leah *will* get the plans and will go on a "diplomatic mission" and take the plans to the rebellion. Which leads to Luke finding the robots, Obi Wan, Han Solo, Leah, the force, etc.

I guess this movie will just fill the missing links of the story line. I really like the way the trailer looks. I'm hopeful.

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