Heading into a new calendar year its time to open up some old wounds if you're a sports fan in the state of Michigan.

We as sports fans have our moments when our teams make us feel on top of the world but then there are also moments that we just want to throw the damn TV out the window after a game. It has not been easy over the years no matter who your favorite professional sports team is. Look the only championship that the state of Michigan has seen was in 2008 when the Red Wings won the cup. Yes its been that long.

Now, this is just five moments over the last 20 years that pissed me off. I had to keep it at five otherwise, this list could be a very long one.

1. Detroit Lions go 0-16 in 2008. Just think the team went undefeated in the pre-season. Why not be one of five teams to not win a single game in an NFL season. Hey at least its a record of some sorts for the Lions.

2. Detroit Tigers swept by the San Francisco Giants in the 2012 World Series. This team had it all but the layoff from the American League Championship Series to the World Series is what did the Tigers in.

3. Detroit Tigers lose 119 games in 2003. Last season for the Tigers was a long one but not as bad as it was back in 03. One loss away from the all-time record. Good thing there were only 162 games that year.

4. Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson retires suddenly after the 2015 season. Johnson had it all as a wide receiver but just as ex Lions running back Barry Sanders did in 1999 Megatron walked away from the game. Not only did injuries force him to retire but I guess loosing does also take a toll on a player.

5. Detroit Red Wings miss the playoffs for the first time in 25 years. It was something that Wings fans could always count on year in and year out. But in 2017 the streak ended and the Wings have still yet to see the NHL postseason.


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