It's amazing what can be seen from far above the earth. Images that are sometimes hard to make out at ground level.

About a year ago, Jojo told us about the Great Lakes carved into the earth in Montmorency County in northern Michigan. You could clearly see the great lakes from Google Maps. Well I can go one about the entire an United States map?!

It is a very cool topographical map of the United States. It is located right here in west Michigan in Georgetown Township (Jenison). You can find the map at Hager Park on 28th Avenue.

Imagine being able to walk to the top of the mountain ranges that are in the United States. Or how about just walking from the west coast and the Pacific Ocean to the east coast and the Atlantic Ocean in just minutes! You can certainly do that here.

Hager Park U.S. Map
Photo: Townsquare Media/Scott Winters

From the ground, the map is a little tough to see. There are bricks that outline the states to help you figure out where you are standing in the U.S. It is pretty easy to figure out the state of Michigan with the Great Lakes surrounding it.

I tried to find the history of this Hager Park feature, but didn't have much luck. I did find a Roadside America listing for it though. (That website it one of my favorites for finding unique places to visit while traveling!) One of the comments dates back to 2016, so this map has been there for at least a few years. How am I just now finding out about something this cool?!

Go check it out for yourself! Hager Park is located at 8212 28th Avenue in Georgetown Township.


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