This time last year and we already had snow in Grand Rapids. And our sister radio station 100.5 The River had already switched to Christmas programming as a result.

This is what it looked like a year ago in GR in October.

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Halloween and time change this weekend means we're really close to that first snow. We actually had a few snow flakes in West Michigan on Monday, but they didn't stick.

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Saturday morning this week it looked liked snow on the cars and the ground, but it was jut frost. And yes my Saturday tee time was delayed for this reason.

BT/Townsquare Media

A few weeks ago it looked like snow in GR, but just a hail storm.

Even today it felt like it could have snowed anytime. Chilly and really looked like Winter was knocking on the door, but it was just rain.

So when is it going to snow in GR? It's cold enough in the 20s the next few mornings, but no precipitation, so no snow.

But get ready it will be cold enough this weekend and we could see the first snowfall in GR right after Halloween. But it won't stick. Looking into next week and we get to enjoy the 60s again by mid-week. Which is great for the start of November.

Remember to set your clocks back this weekend and look for a chance of snow by Sunday. Which will be later than last year, so your Trick or Treating for Halloween will be OK this weekend.

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