A Grand Rapids lawmaker is sponsoring a bill in the Michigan legislature that would incentivize vaccinations with a tax credit.

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Michigan Representative Rachel Hood of Grand Rapids is sponsoring House Bill 5031 and has presented it to the Michigan House. The bill would allow the state to give a tax credit of $100 to anyone 16+ in a household. Those who are fully vaccinated would be able to use their vaccination cards as proof when filling out their taxes. The tax credit would be capped at 4 persons per household, or $400.

In an interview with WOOD TV Hood says the bill is about helping to get back to normal:

If we all work together, we can make sure our kids are able to get back on track and that our elderly folks and other vulnerable people are safe. Making sure we get up to 70% and herd immunity is critically important for our economy and for Michigan’s comeback...A lot of individuals and families believe that because they suffered through COVID that they may not need a vaccine, but the reality is that the science isn’t quite certain about how long natural antibodies last.

The bill has been sent along to the House Committee on Tax Policy.

Michigan is continuing efforts to get to a 70% vaccination rate that health officials say would then provide herd immunity to those unable to get a vaccine due to either age or health concerns. Currently, only those 12-years of age and older can actually be vaccinated, although vaccine trials in younger children have begun.

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