Huffington Post loves to challenge your click bait temptations with lists like this, but it's pretty cool that a local sandwich may be one of the best in America.

Personally, I think the title seems like way too much pressure: sandwiches I have to try before I die? Really? I have so many other things to do before I die, and I'm not getting younger, so sandwiches may have to wait a bit.

But just down the road from me on the East Beltline is Kitchen 67, who's mouth watering 'Bird In Hand' sandwich caught this HuffPo reviewer's attention.

(A quick digression -- who knew there was a restaurant called 'Egg Slut'?)

According to Kitchen 67's lunch menu, the Bird In Hand is...

...tender chicken, breaded using our Founder's Red Rye batter, real mayonaisse, crispy lettuce riboons, served on a brioche bun...

Very simple, and probably simply delicious. I'm going to grab one soon.

Congratulations to John Brann Jr. and his staff at Kitchen 67!

Kitchen 67
Kitchen 67

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