I have to be honest, I’m so tired of politics that I walk away when people start talking about it.  I plan to vote, but I have no interest in debating which side is better or worse.

I do however love late night television, partly because I want to have my own show at some point.  I also fanboy when I hear the town I live in mentioned on those shows.

Last night, Grand Rapids was mentioned on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ because of Donald Trump being in town.  Colbert played off an incident that happened over the weekend at a Trump rally in North Carolina.

Here's what happened, Saturday a black Trump supporter, by the name of C.J. Cary, was ejected from the rally.  According to reports, he was shouting "Donald, Donald" as he walked up to the stage, because he wanted to hand Trump a note showing his support, but his actions were misinterpreted for protesting.

Donald called him a thug and asked if he had been paid $1,500 to be a thug at the rally.  He then had him thrown out by his security team.

After he was ejected (or asked to leave...), C.J. actually told a news outlet that it was a misunderstanding and that he still supported the Donald.

I found out, this same guy is a diehard supporter who has actually had about $900 worth of Trump campaign signs stolen from his yard. At some point, I'd just paint the message on my garage door or something...

Well anyway, ‘The Late Show’ decided to have a little fun with this story, and they did it at the setting of the Trump rally here in Grand Rapids that happened Monday.

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