The hand-written lyrics to a rock classic are expected to fetch at least 100-thousand dollars at auction tomorrow.

The original lyrics to Don McLean's "American Pie" are one of several notable items up for bid by Nate D. Sanders Auctions in Los Angeles. It’s one of only four handwritten lyrics copies of the song. In 2015, McLean’s manuscript of the song sold for 1.2 million dollars at auction.

Here is the Auction house's description:

Penned on eight sheets of McLean's personal stationery featuring the gold ''thumbs up'' sign of the ''American Pie'' album art, this is the only copy offered for sale at auction apart from the original draft which sold for $1.2 million. Two other copies of lyrics exist: one at the Harvard library and one given by McLean to a friend. Upon the sale of these lyrics, Don McLean has agreed not to handwrite another copy for two years.

I also noted that the lyrics contain the command 'contact upon receipt'. Does thatmean he wants you to call him when you buy them? I'm not sure.

The auction is sure to boost McLean's famed ego because other items being auctioned off include a baseball signed by Babe Ruth, a letter from Charles Darwin, a book from Christopher Columbus, a Galileo signature and a sequined glove belonging to Michael Jackson.

Here's their description of the glove:

Extensive provenance includes documentation from the man to whom Jackson gifted the glove in 1984, his personal artist Paul Bedard. Bedard was commissioned by Jackson to collaborate on the creation of over a dozen now readily recognizable original works of art for Jackson's home and his Neverland Ranch estate. Fittingly, one of the works of art depicts half a dozen famous characters -- George Washington, the Mona Lisa, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln and even E.T. all following Jackson's lead, each donning the white glove and aviator shades.

What!? There's a statue of ET somewhere dressed like Michael Jackson? Where can I see this?

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