Yep, the big grey mouse is 35! Happy Birthday, Mr. Cheese! Wonder if he celebrates with tokens, pizza, his animatronic friends and tickets? ;) The guy who founded Atari (remember that?) Nolan Bushnell, started Chuck E. Cheese back in 1977. And long after Atari is just a memory to us who played video games back in the 70's, CEC is still around and going strong!

Here's a Yahoo story on Chuck E's birthday. "Happy birthday, Chuck E. Cheese"

I remember growing up in Portage we had a ShowBiz Pizza Place, Star World and Putt-Putt. Now I worked at Putt-Putt, so that's what my favorite was. ShowBiz was sold after some not-so-nice rumors about "extra" ingredients in the ranch dressing on the salad bar surfaced (I will let you figure THAT one out!), and turned into the area's first Olive Garden. In most cities, the ShowBiz Pizza were turned into CEC's. In Portage, the Star World (local arcade and pizza place) morphed into CEC's in the 1990's.

My kids love ging to CEC's, like you'd expect. And I have to say I'm pretty good at the football toss. :)