A mother's love know no bounds... or species, it appears. 8-year-old Bailee Shultz was playing in his grandparents' backyard in Bangor, Michigan when he heard something crying. An investigation turned up a tiny squirrel, less than a week old, who had fallen from it's nest. They worried the little guy wouldn't make it. Bailee's mom, Stephanie, decided to try something. Her cat, Oreo, had just given birth to 5 kittens. What if they put the baby squirrel in with the litter?

The family told MLive that after a day, Bushytail (the squirrel's new name, given by Bailee) was nursing along with the kittens! They also have seen Oreo licking Bushy like she does the kittens.

So, for now, it looks like Bushytail has a new home with Oreo and her litter.

The family says they do plan to let Bushytail go free when he gets old enough, but they hope he won't be a stranger. "We'll try to feed him to keep him around if we can," Stephanie said.

Turns out Oreo isn't the first cat to take in a squirrel--  Check out this video of Kit-Kat who became the foster mother to an entire litter of orphaned squirrels!

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