Rocksy the Raccoon has figured out a pretty neat trick. How to knock on the sliding glass door with a rock, and get food from the human.

In more raccoon related news this week. This raccoon is at least being polite about asking for more food (instead of breaking and entering).

However that's some pretty serious damage to the sliding door. But, the homeowner doesn't seem to mind.

"Knock Knock!" "Who's there?" ROCKSY THE RACCOON!!!! This silly raccoon has figured out that after she has raided the cat food bowl and it is empty... that she will just knock on the door... FOR HOURS.... until I refill it! It is hysterical! She is adorable and has lived in my yard for years... not sure how she figured out how to knock... but it certainly works! LOL I have volunteered with Wildlife Inc. for years... they have taught me so much about wildlife rescue. If you would like to donate to help them keep up their amazing work, they can be reached at For licensing/usage, please contact Thanks for watching... and remember... RACCOONS ROCK!!!!

Then after almost 3 million views on youtube I'm sure she has enough money to buy a new sliding door.

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