Dirty Dancing. Footloose. Dennis the Menace. Sgt. Bilko. The Addams Family. The Beverly Hillbillies. The Brady Bunch. The list goes on and on. Movies made from TV shows. And rehashed ideas for TV shows. Kids living in Wisconsin (Happy Days, That 70's Show). Friends all living in New York City and hanging out (Friends, How I Met Your Mother).

Add a new set of shows to the list: Guys dressing as women to avoid something bad (Bosom Buddies, Work It). On Bosom Buddies, it was "dress as a woman to have a place to live". On the new ABC show "Work It", it's "dress as a woman to get a job". Oh, how 2012 of you Hollywood. Way to be so in tune with the pulse of the nation.

On the day unemployment in Grand Rapids fell below 7%, the new ABC show ripping off "Bosom Buddies" debuts. It's called "Work It". Two guys who need jobs dress up as women to get work. Wow, that's so original. I don't even know who the guys are, and after a quick scan of the cast, I have never even heard of any of these "actors".

Here's a sneak peak of all the funny.

I give it three weeks. Niki in our office said "if that". Wonder if the guys on the show will use their experience to dress up as women to get work after this debacle is cancelled?