As a child, I remember walking down the cereal aisle at the grocery story trying to figure out just what cereal I was going to try to convince my parents I needed that week.

My choice was usually determined more by the prize inside than the cereal itself.

Despite my pleas and arguments for a variety of different brands, we usually ended up with either Corn Flakes or Cheerios in the shopping cart.

If you were to make your purchasing decisions on just how healthy that cereal was for you -- your choice may have been quite different.

National Cereal Day was last Saturday, March 7th, and CNN Health did a study to see just how much sugar is in the popular brands of cereal. You might be surprised at the results.

They looked at the sugar content in 13 popular cereals. Remember the Cheerios that ended up in my family's cupboard? They came in at #13 on the list with only 1 gram of sugar in a serving size of 28 grams to be "among the least-sugary cereals on the market".

While you might think that Frosted Flakes and Lucky Charms might have the most sugar...they did not. They were near the top of the list, but the cereal with the most sugar was Cap'n Crunch! It has 17 grams of sugar in a serving size of 38 grams.

Would you like some cereal with your sugar?!

See the complete list of results on the CNN website.


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