I have a hard time calling Fireball whiseky, although that's what it claims to be. It is currently the hottest selling liquor in the U.S. right now.

Why? Let's just say that in a pinch, you can de-ice your windshield with it.
Finland’s state-owned alcohol retailer announced Monday that it was pulling bottles of Fireball liquor from store shelves. The move follows a decision by its Swedish counterpart to recall the beverage over concerns that it contained the mineral oil propylene glycol.

Propylene glycol is an active ingredient in airaraft de-icers, just so you know, although the traces of it in Fireball are too small to cause harm to humans. If the Finns won't drink it, should you? The Finns will drink just about anything.

Fireball is currently the hottest liquor to drink in the United States and is quickly becoming a world wide phenomenon, but if Pitbull is singing about it, chances are it's jumped the shark.

Recently, an enterprising young man placed a GoPro camera on a bottle of Fireball and passed it around a wedding party. People clearly love to swig the cinnamon infused whisky.


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