As ESPN says we should 'Keep Calm and Kerryon', but the Lions have something we haven't seen since the Barry Sanders era: a running game!

Lions rookie running back Kerryon Johnson rushed for 158 yards, the most by a Lions running back in seven years as The Lions throttled Miami on the road 32-21. The team total of 248 yards rushing was the most in almost 21 years, November 1997, when Sanders rushed for 216 yards.

The newly active run game made QB Matthew Stafford a little better passer, as he tossed for an additional 217 yards and two touchdowns, both to a tight end, Michael Roberts.

Whoa! Hold on! Are you telling me, the Lions now have an effective running game, and a tight end that can catch? What year is it? 1970?

We'll find out soon enough what this year's Lions are made of, as they hit a tough stretch on the schedule starting Sunday at home against an improving Seattle team. But if what we saw this Sunday was real, this team may be too.

However, as a lifelong Lions fan, I'm not getting too excited just yet.

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