So you get pulled in to the police station, going to be arrested, and you are told you get your one phone call to have someone bail you out. And some people's worst nightmare come can't reach anyone! Sounds like a sitcom plot, doesn't it?

It happened to one David White in Beverly, MA. This story "Skip the Phone Call: Teen Uses Facebook to Bail Out of Jail" explains.

"David White, 19, on Saturday became what many believe is the first person to be sprung from jail thanks to a post on Facebook, after he was picked up at what police called a “raucous” gathering of 100 to 150 people in the leafy suburb of Beverly, Mass., about 25 miles south of Boston. According to a report Tuesday in The Daily News of Newport, five people were arrested at the house party after an “uncooperative crowd” drew officers from three local police departments along with Massachusetts State Police.

Once in custody, White had a hard time reaching anyone by phone to come pay his $40 fee – it wasn’t technically bail since he was only being held for disturbing the peace – so he asked officers if he could use his phone to post a plea to his Facebook page."

Now there's an out of the box thinker! He has middle upper management written all over him!

""If they call mom and they can’t get her, we’re not going to say you can’t have another call. Not as long as they’re respectful and cooperative,” detective Timothy Hegarty told the Daily News, though he admitted that White’s case was the first time he could remember of anyone “Facebooking” their way out of jail."

Welcome to 2013!