The Michigan Wolverines Men's Football team was the 2023 National Champions, but they did not get the title without controversy and Ohio State fans are making sure people aren't forgetting anytime soon.


2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington
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A brewery located in Ohio took it upon themselves to take a very vocal dig at the Wolverines. For those who don't know, the Buckeyes and Wolverines have been the two dominant players in the Big 10 for several seasons now, and since 2017 have taken turns alternating as the leader of the conference. So while Michigan State is Michigan's in-state rival, OSU and UoM became rivals through their many tough matchups.


Ohio State v Michigan
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Ohio Brewery Crafts A Special Brew

Outerbelt Brewing located in Caroll, Ohio is known for its craft brewing, with specialty beers such as the Outerbelt IPA, the Glasstown Lager, and the Gravel Donuts. While the Outerbelt IPA is their flagship IPA, they are making waves with their IPA titled "#BET it gets Vacated IPA", which is a hilarious dig on the many scandals that plagued Michigan's championship season.


There were rumors the investigations surrounding Michigan's sign-stealing scandal and Harbaugh's alleged recruiting scandal would cause the Wolverine's title to be stripped, but the NCAA president has since gone on record claiming they won the title "fair and square."


Outerbelt Brewing has plans to begin shipping the limited edition brew around the state of Ohio, so if you're in Michigan and want to get a six-pack, you can try your luck here. If you can't get a pack, just remember that while they have the beer, we have the Title.


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