It was announced on Friday, September 16, 2016, that the last two Kmart stores in the Grand Rapids area will soon be closing their doors.

The stores parent company, Sears Holding Corp., said the stores were closing due to poor sales.

Scott Winters, Townsquare Media

The last two remaining Kmart stores in the Grand Rapids area are located on 68th Street in Byron Township and the one on Plainfield Avenue in Plainfield Township. Both of those stores are expected to close in mid-December. The stores are expected to remain open for customers until then. The store liquidation sales will begin on Thursday, September 22, 2016.

If you still want to shop at a Kmart, the store's website shows 38 stores currently in the state of Michigan. The other stores closest to the Grand Rapids area would be located in Muskegon, Hastings, or Greenville.

Grand Rapids once had a Kmart in every corner of the city. There was a store on Alpine, two stores on 28th Street and the store on Plainfield. Even Jenison had a Kmart at one time.

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