Kutiman is an artist who has made his name by taking hundreds of YouTube video clips and pasting them together to create a song.

Kutiman, whose real name is Opher Kutiel, has been creating collages from internet videos for years, but has been silent until recently, when "Give It Up" popped up last week. It is the first of six mash-ups Kutiman has created for his latest album, called "Thru You Too", which will be released Oct. 6.

The video takes you on a strange journey featuring a loop of a six-year-old girl's playing classical music on a piano, with the vocal of a woman singing laid over the top. In time, guitar solos are added, as our brass riffs, drums, and bass, every clip culled from YouTube videos the musicians separately put up.

The result is wonderfully strange.

So how do the musicians react to having their music used in such a manner? Kutiman addressed that on his You Tube page:

Over the last couple of days I had a very touching and sincere correspondence with Mrs. Deryn, one of the Cellist featured in "Give it Up" (cello 2). I would like to deeply thank her for that. Deryn and I both respect each other's views on the matter of seeking permission to use material, and I fully understand why she and her partner reacted a bit negatively at first. I shared with Deryn my true motivation and intentions in creating Thru You Too, and I'm glad that she completely understands and accepts my ethos behind the project. She expressed her great appreciation to the artistic and musical outcome, and that she is happy to be part of the amazing group of musicians featured on the video. I encourage you to check out all the fantastic musicians' YouTube channels, there is some amazing stuff there to be found :)


Here's some classic Kutiman from 2009.

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