15 Things All Grand Rapidians Should Do at Least Once
There's no doubt about it, Grand Rapids is an awesome city. We've got lots of attractions and fun things always going on, we're a family friendly city and appeal to the younger crowd as well. Grand Rapids has A LOT to offer so no wonder why we make so many "best of" …
A Timelapse of a Woman Learning to Play the Violin
2016 is right around the corner! With a new year comes resolutions. Resolving to do a task in the new year is easy. Actually sticking to it, is much harder. But the results can be amazing. Like this lady who went from poorly playing happy birthday on a violin to a full on concerto.
Guy Plays Star Wars Theme on Guitar
I'm not going to lie, I'm envious of this person's talent. Cooper Carter plays all 31 parts to the John William's classic the theme to the movie Star Wars. It's impressive. Most impressive. (sorry)

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