A Timelapse of a Woman Learning to Play the Violin
2016 is right around the corner! With a new year comes resolutions. Resolving to do a task in the new year is easy. Actually sticking to it, is much harder. But the results can be amazing. Like this lady who went from poorly playing happy birthday on a violin to a full on concerto.
Guy Plays Star Wars Theme on Guitar
I'm not going to lie, I'm envious of this person's talent. Cooper Carter plays all 31 parts to the John William's classic the theme to the movie Star Wars. It's impressive. Most impressive. (sorry)
Impromptu Saxophone Jam Session on NYC Subway
Some guys where riding on a Subway in the Big Apple, when they hear in their car a guy playing the Saxophone. Well, one of the passengers seemed to be enjoying what he heard, because he quickly assembled his Sax and joined in. The result is music to our ears.
Musician Changes Key of 5 Scary TV / Movie Themes
When this musician changes the key of these really scary themes like X Files, The Exorcist, and Halloween, the results sound more like something you'd hear on a child's cartoon show. Lesson learned: sometimes a small change can take a negative and make a positive...
What Are You Listening To?
Have you ever noticed someone with headphones on and wondered, what are they listening to? Well, a fellow decided to ask people in NYC that exact question. The results are music to your ears.
Joni Mitchell Is Reportedly Not in a Coma
Joni Mitchell, who was rushed to a hospital a month ago, is reportedly in a coma and unresponsive. TMZ reports that Mitchell is still in UCLA Medical Center and still unconscious, “with no immediate prospects for getting better.”
Vinyl Is Back, with Styx Pushing Its Eight Albums
Many old-school groups seem to be releasing music this spring, either digitally re-mastered classics or brand spanking new music.
Styx is heading out on tour to support its eight-album vinyl box set collection, which is slated for release May 12. No tour dates have been released yet, although tickets…

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