After last week's storm, which experts called the worst wave action in thirty years, the Lakeshore will get rocked again Monday and Tuesday.

Autumn has been particularly cruel to the Lake Michigan shoreline so far, and more is on the way.

Last week's wind gusts hit over 60 mph and the massive 18 foot breakers created by it quickened the already horrific erosion happening along the cliffs between Muskegon to South Haven.

Now, the National Weather Service has issued another high wave warning for Lakes Michigan, Superior and Huron for Monday and Tuesday.

While this storm won't be as bad as last week's, the areas already reeling from last week's destruction will be susceptible to more damage.

Check out this WZZM-13 drone footage of last week's damage, and you can realize how Lakeshore homeowners may be a little worried about more of the same.

The damage along all of the Great Lakes has been exasperated by near record high water levels. So in addition to high waves, flooding in some areas of lake shore communities can be expected as well.


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