So my night started at 9pm last night. I went to the store, and then went home. I had some show to watch..."2 and a Half Men"...or something. Most people were either going to watch "Dancing With The B-Lister's" or "2 and a Half Men". I'm sorry, but the Hell's Kitchen Summer Finale....please. One or the other. I picked Cryer.

But before that, the store. 2 things I noticed. 1) I'm pretty sure I saw 2 women "Extreme Couponing". 3 carts...2 binders, and 11 (I counted) packages of hamburger. Really. 2) I saw a note about Jif stopping production of fat free, honey and RED peanut butter due to the peanut shortage. RED peanut know, Jif's signature brand. No Coke...No Big Mac's or No Whoppers. I'm still not getting over this yet. Ok. Over it now...bought store brand.










So while watching the 2 and a Half Men premiere with Ashton Kutcher (3 out of 5 stars...I'm sure it will get better...just can't help but think He's still Kelso from "That 70's Show") there was a commercial for Adam Sandler's new movie "Jack and Jill". Sandler plays--are you ready--A male and FEMALE character who are siblings. It quite possibly looks to be the WORST movie I have ever seen. And I lived through ALL 7 "Police Academy" movies...PLUS Katie Cruise Holems is Sandler's wife...the film equivalent of Ted McGinnley...



Three saving graces...after the 2 and a Half Men show was a new CBS comedy called "2 Broke Girls". The show...meh. But Kat Dennings, the! She has some Major League Yabbo's. Right after that, I caught Springsteen and Fallon (as Springsteen and Young) doing Willow's Smith "Whip My Hair"...and then the rest of Chuck Sheen's Roast. God I LOVE the new TV Season...and it's only the first night!