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Stoners rejoice as their unofficial holiday approaches! For those who partake and love to laugh there are a few Comedy Showcases that are 4/20 friendly coming up in Grand Rapids. Much like these events, this article is for adult use and people 21 and up.

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What is 4/20 Anyways

I'm not sure if there was ever a clear definition of what 4/20 really means, only that it has evolved from a silly number rooted in Cannabis folklore to become a full-time holiday in the consuming community. Like religion, 4/20's meaning is personal to each person. With legalization both medicinally and recreationally in Michigan, many places are having their own events. With over 20 dispensaries in the Greater Grand Rapids Area, there are lots of opportunities for cannabis enthusiasts to celebrate.

Cannabis Map - Grand Rapids
Cannabis Map - Grand Rapids

Cannabis Comedy Showcases

It's time to get 'lit' and laugh with a couple of different Cannabis Comedy Showcases in Grand Rapids on Wednesday, April 20th. There is the 420 Comedy Festival at the Color Room and Tokes and Jokes at Pharmhouse Wellness.

420 Comedy Festival

The 420 Comedy Festival will begin at 4pm at The Color Room hosted by local comedian Dave Jones. The comedy show is 21+ and you must have a ticket to attend. There are 2 different shows with one at 6 PM and one at 8 PM. Tickets are available for purchase from Gifted Treats, Dave Jones or one of the 10 comedians who will be featured. This event will be full of great laughs and content will be made available later on social media platforms for those who are unable to join.

Tokes and Jokes

Pharmhouse Wellness will be hosting events all day on 4/20 and will have a fun-filled night starting at 7 PM with a Free Show! Embracing the Tokes and Jokes name, this show will be in their Toke Tent with limited room and supply of chairs for attendees. So get there early and bring your own lawn chair if you have them.

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