I live in Eastown, and love it! And no disrespect to my local fav hangout Schmohz's Brewery on Patterson (I do loves me a Sammi Rae Root Beer), news of the Harmony Brewing Company opening on Lake in Eastown at the end of the month is heavenly! Now you have to know something about me, I don't drink. Just never have. So why am I happy about a new Brewpup opening?

Because I love root beer! And Harmony will be brewing root beer on the premises! Yay! AND they have a wood fired oven for pizza, which they ALSO will be selling! Double yay! I'm a big fan already! And since it's easily within walking distance of my house, triple YAY!

Here's a great story from The Rapidian about the new place!
"Harmony Brewing Company set to open"


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