The local group Generosity Lunch gathered together again this month for a lunch and great conversation. At the end of their time together, they surprised another local server with a huge tip -- this one the biggest yet for the group!

This Month's Generosity Lunch

Beltline Bar
Photo: Google Maps

On Wednesday, May 18th, 2022 a total of 14 west Michigan residents met for lunch at the Beltline Bar (at 28th  St. & Division Avenue).

As part of the Generosity Lunch group, each person brings $100 to the lunch. When they all arrive, they pool their money together.

It's then time for a wonderful lunch and great conversation with people who they may have never met before. What a great way to meet new friends and also surprise the waitstaff of a local restaurant.

After lunch, when the bill arrives, the total for the meal is paid for out of the money that had been collected. The remaining money is left for the server.

This month there were 14 participants, but some gave more than $100. The total amount collected amongst the lunch-goers was $1,700.

The bill came to $249. That left the remaining amount of money -- $1,451 for their waitress Chauncey. This just happened to be her first time serving a big party like that and the money came at a great time for her.

Here is the video of Generosity Lunch presenting her with the huge tip...

Want to be a Part of the Next Generosity Lunch?

If you would like to be part of the group that surprises a local server next month, sign up on the Generosity Lunch website.

Past Generosity Lunches

In April, a server named Jessica at Anna's House in Grandville was given a $960.34 tip...

In March, a server named Connor at Bud & Stanley's Pub was given a $1,227.64 tip...

In February, a server named Taylor at Brann's Steakhouse and Grille on Leonard St. received a $1,038.77 tip...

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