It's the most wonderful time of the year to be on Mackinac Island. Yes, you can still visit Mackinac Island in the winter.

I love the fact that Mackinac Island is still open to visitors during the winter months. This has always been a dream vacation of mine. I just think it would be so romantic to take my wife to Mackinac Island so we can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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I know what you're thinking, how do we travel across one of the Great Lakes to get to Mackinac Island in the dead of winter?

According to

The most common way to get to Mackinac Island in the winter is to catch a ferry service. Star Line Ferry continues to operate limited ferry schedules from its dock in St. Ignace during the winter months. Its Huron winter ferry has a reinforced steel hull that allows it to break through thin ice on the Mackinac Straits.

When the ice on Lake Huron gets thick enough, it actually takes an icebreaker to clear a pathway for Star Line Ferry, or any other Ferry company in the Mackinac area.

My next question is, how do you get around on Mackinac Island since they don't use any motor vehicles? It's simple: you do a lot of walking or stay in your hotel. You can also call a horse and buggy taxi service.

Now I'm thinking about a place where my wife and I can stay on Mackinac Island. How about this one, courtesy of

If you enjoy staying in a historic home, Bogan Lane Inn has been turned into a bed and breakfast. Comfortable beds, antique furniture, and a warm atmosphere make this a refined place to spend your Mackinac Island winter getaway.

I think we just about got everything covered for a nice getaway to Mackinac Island this winter. Here are a few more ideas from

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