A 47-year-old man is now banned from all Liberty, Ohio motels after a public nudity incident.

Local law enforcement responded to a call last Thursday of a man wandering the lobby of a motel while wearing absolutely no clothing.  When the police arrived the man explained that he had bugs on him so he put his clothes in the washing machine.

A quick investigation found the man's clothing was in fact in the washing machine.  However, the man never turned the machine on.

When asked if the man could go to his room to get other articles of clothing, he explained that he lost his room key.  A brief conversation with the manager of that motel gave a completely different answer.

It turns out this man did not have a room, as he had been denied service and asked to leave repeatedly.

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The 47-year-old Ohio man was arrested and later found guilty of disorderly conduct and public indecency charges, according to a police report obtained by WKBN,

He was ordered to stay out of the motel, and all motels in Liberty Township, and must serve an additional 13 days in jail.

My first thought was the temperature.  Wondering around in public without a coat in mid-November seems miserable.  Not to mention, nobody is at their best "best" when naked and cold.  However, it got up to 71 degrees Thursday in Liberty Township, Ohio.  Not that gives anyone a free pass to go full Deja Vu.

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