Can you guess which pop icon secretly composed music for the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series? Michael Jackson has long since been rumored to have had uncredited involvement, and now we have confirmation of the decades-old legend.

The Huffington Post reports the King of Pop was brought in to work on the Sega Genesis game Sonic the Hedgehog 3, but following his molestation scandals, Sega claimed to have terminated his involvement. Meanwhile, the musician who served as Jackson’s co-composer claims that MJ ended his own involvement with the game due to dissatisfaction with the sound quality on the video game system.

(FYI -- Hard core gamers have known for years that his was true, as it was covered in season 4, episode 39 of the series 'Pop Fiction' back in 2013.)

It turns out the truth is somewhere between the two stories. Jackson did indeed work on many of the game’s tracks and his entire team was credited for the work, while his name was left off.

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Wow, who knew all these years later one of pop culture’s greatest mysteries would be solved.

Don’t forget, Michael Jackson starred in his own video game -- Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, which came out for computers and Sega Genesis. The games followed the story of the film and contained synthesized versions of his hits like "Beat It" and "Smooth Criminal."

He was a huge kid at heart -- I'm sure Michael loved video games.


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