Today, Gov. Rick Snyder signed two bills that change the requirements to graduate high school in the State of Michigan.

The bills gives students and school districts more ways to fill the requirements for algebra, foreign language, and health/physical education classes.

House Bill 4465, sponsored by state Rep. Ed McBroom, R-Waucedah Township, allows students to fulfill the algebra II requirement by completing a career and technical education program that has the material embedded into lessons.

HB 4466, sponsored by state Rep. Joel Johnson, R-Clare, requires that students be informed about potential career and technical education options and streamlines the process for students who wish to pursue the personal curriculum option.

"We want to make sure students have options for career-oriented courses that include material from rigorous subjects and that maintain high educational standards," Snyder said.

WZZM explains:

Two laws signed Wednesday rewrite a provision that gives students flexibility to meet the algebra II credit by taking welding or another career tech class.

Michigan requires students to complete two years of a foreign language. Now in the next six years, students can fulfill half the requirement in a career tech or art class.

Students who now need one year of health and physical education will get flexibility. They can take a half-credit of health and count extracurricular activities as a half-credit in gym.

The bills were signed at Dakota High School in Macomb.

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