Pro-Tip: when you’re in jail and break a rule, don’t post it online.

Guards Discover Prisoner Rap Video Posted To Social Media

Two inmates at the Macomb Correctional Facility are likely to face new charges after they posted a rap video shot in prison to YouTube. 

Why the big deal?

Because they used a cell phone and that is a massive no-no. They are separated and in segregation and charges will be filed against those who smuggled the two a pair of cellphones. The video for "In Dis Cell" was posted on November 3. Now there’s a big investigation into the incident.

Hasan Halmsi via Unsplash
Hasan Halmsi via Unsplash

Inmates Were Only Identified By Their Rap Names In Video

The Department of Corrections has not, and will not be releasing the names of the inmates responsible. They did say that one of the rappers in the video was doing time for second degree murder.

Strangely, the MDOC did NOT pull the video off of YouTube where it was posted, so you can still see it. It's called 'In Dis Cell'.

In the video, the two prisoners are identified as 24 Superbadd37 and 82 Treezy Banger. The video shows the life they lead in their cell in prison, it features shots of some awful conditions in the facility, including an overflowed toilet.

DA HUB via YouTube
DA HUB via YouTube

According to FOX 2 Detroit, guards ay Macomb Correctional found a YouTube link written on a piece of paper while conducting a routine search.

"They then looked at it and pulled it up online and then found it was a video that had clearly been shot inside that prison," MDOT spokesperson Chris Gautz told FOX 2.

"The prisoners who were in the video certainly made no attempts to hide or disguise who they were, so staff was able to recognize them and go to their cell and confront them about this," said Gautz.

Now that they have street cred, maybe the prisoners could parlay that into a new career as musicians. In 15 to 20 years.

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