A former Michigan resident started up a new milk company in New York City which features home delivery. Now he's known as the 'Hot Milkman'.

Frank Acosta grew up in Michigan and attended the University of Michigan as a pre-law student. Life took him to New York City, where he founded an organic milk company that inadvertently took off because of his good looks.

Acosta is now known online as the 'Hot Milkman', and his milkshake is definitely drawing all the ladies to the yard.

“He’s such a hunk,” longtime customer Lia Shire, of the Upper West Side, told the New York Post.

“I have not bought milk or eggs from a grocery since I started with him."

Acosta co-founded Manhattan Milk in 2006, and for the last 13 years has been delivering his product around the five boroughs of NYC.

He told the Post:

“I had to drink it with every meal since growing up."  Now, he downs a glass of whole milk before his daily workouts and chugs chocolate milk chasers after pumping iron at the gym.

His Instagram is private (sorry, ladies), but you can check him out in the following TV interviews.


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