Today is a good day for vapers across the mitten state.

As of October 2nd, all vape shops were forced by lawmakers to stop the sale of any flavored e-liquid containing nicotine. The whole idea was to make it less enticing for teens to use nicotine, despite claims that the ban would do nothing of the sort. While tobacco flavors were not affected, it still has a lot of people pretty upset.

That ban has come to a screeching halt according to a post from Detroit News. Several vape shop owners across the state have come together to create an injunction that would repeal the ban effective immediately. Marc Slis owns 906 vapor in the U.P. (eh) and filed a lawsuit on September 27th to stop the state from enforcing the ban.

On Tuesday judge Cynthia Stevens ruled in favor of the industry. Stephens mentioned that "the facts of the case weigh in favor of granting relief" and "If flavored vaping products are prohibited, adults will return to using more harmful tobacco products.

Oh you bet Gretchen is upset. Her plan is to seek an immediate stay of the court, and bring these cases to the Supreme Court.

This repeal is TEMPORARY and no word is out as to how long it will be in effect. For now, happy vaping.. or juuling... or whatever you call it.



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