A Google Trends analysis has determined each state's most popular Christmas movie, and Michigan's may surprise you.

An IT security company needs people to flock to their web site, so they compiled this list of unique popular holiday movies for each state, which puzzled me in more ways than one.

Michigan's most popular Christmas movie is one I have never heard of before, but it turns out it does have a pretty hearty cult following, and just judging by the plot line, I may like it.

The movie is 'Holiday Rush' and according to the film's Wikipedia page it's about a radio DJ who gets fired at Christmas. Been there, done that.

It's streaming on Netflix now, if you want to check it out.


The list, compiled by Comparitech, features some interesting choices. In our nation's capitol, for instance, the top holiday movie is 'Rent', and in Rhode Island, it's 'Edward Scissorhands'.

Forget the long, ongoing debate about whether 'Die Hard' is a Christmas movie. 'Edward Scissorhands'? For real?

It turns out there is a Christmas scene in it that I had forgotten about. I guess it's a pretty big plot point, but most of the movie takes place in the summer, what with Edward being a landscape artist and all.

And as for 'Rent' it does address Christmas as well, so why not?

The data was derived from searches compiled by Google Trends:

Using the top 50 films on IMDB’s list of Christmas movies that are most popular among IMDb users at present, we searched each film individually on Google Trends to find which state scored the highest. This was then the designated film for that state. If any state came up twice, we used the film that ranked higher on Google Trends. If a state didn’t appear top for any of the movies, we searched through all of the 50 films to see which was most popular in the state according to Google Trends.

Movies where no data was available on Google Trends were omitted.


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