This week, President Obama has officially pardoned more people than any other president in our nation's history. With 273 more people being given another chance this week, his last in office, Obama's commutation record has hit a whopping 1,597 people pardoned! More pardons than the last 12 presidents COMBINED!

Some of those pardoned are from Michigan, and were incarcerated or convicted of things like conspiracy to distribute cocaine, conspiracy to distribute marijuana, and giving false statement, and more.

Here are the most recent Michiganders whose sentences were commuted by President Obama, as released by the White House, and the Department of Justice:

  • Thomas Eric Wahlstrom
    Convicted of conspiracy to distribute cocaine here in Western Michigan, and sentenced to six months' imprisonment; three years' supervised release; $5,000 fine.
  • Juleen Nicole Henry
    Convicted of conspiracy to distribute marijuana in Eastern Michigan, and sentenced to time served (115 days’ imprisonment); two years' supervised release.
  • Pamela Joy Stokes
    Convicted of giving false statement, and sentenced to two years' probation, conditioned upon 120 days’ home confinement.
  • Jessica Ann Tyson, fka Jessica Ann Martin
    Convicted of conspiracy to commit band fraud, sentenced to two years' probation; $1,200 restitution.

There are another 31 Michiganders whose sentences have been commuted by the outgoing president during his tenure, breaking a record for the number of sentences commuted.

Follow the link, and you can search the list on the DOJ website to find out if there's anyone you know on the commutation list.


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