On Monday a 16-year-old boy had brought explosive material to Newaygo High School which resulted in the teenager being severely injured in an accidental explosion, that also sent a few other students and a teacher to the hospital with minor injuries and to be checked out by medical staff.

Now, WOODTV reports that the father of the teen, 33-year-old David Robert Daniel Saylor has been charged with "a count of manufacture or possession of a Molotov cocktail and a count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor."  According to the news outlet, prosecutors with the Newaygo County Prosecutors office told the judge on Tuesday that the boy and his father had been using different explosive materials to build and explode improvised explosive devices at their home in Brooks Township.

WOODTV says that the Michigan State Police Bomb Squad found and safely denoted explosive materials they found at the house with a countercharge to make sure investigators and anyone else coming to the property were safe. The house where the boy and his father lived is in Brooks Township, on 95th Street near Spruce Avenue.

State police said that the ATF would be on scene investigating what the explosive material was and that the MSP Bomb Squad had remained on the scene throughout Tuesday afternoon to make sure they found and disposed of all the explosive materials while investigators were on scene.

The Newaygo Public Schools Superintendent told WOODTV that the school officials and police do not believe the 16-year-old was planning any kind of attack and was bringing the material to school to demonstrate what he was learning at home, but didn't realize how big of an explosion it would cause. As Superintendent Peg Mathis told WOODTV, it was a "serious lack of judgment."

The explosion on Monday at Newaygo High School cost the teen who brought the material his thumbs.  The kid's father, Saylor is still in jail, but the judge did set a $100,000 bond.  If he does end up posting bail and leaving jail, WOODTV says that he's been ordered to not have any contact with his son.  Saylor is due back in court on March 18th.


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