This is scary news, hearing that your child's school found asbestos, then hearing your kids may have been exposed to it.

That’s what happened to parents at North Park Montessori School in Grand Rapids. According to WOODTV, Friday Construction crews working on the air conditioning system alerted school officials that they drilled into asbestos.

That led to GRPS meeting with around 200 parents on Saturday to explain the situation, which they thought first happened in January, but now realize the first exposure to students and staff happened back in November of 2018, WOODTV reports.

WOODTV says that GRPS has hired an environmental firm that is testing the air again this week.  They tested the air before the construction started in November because everyone knew there was some asbestos in the building, which was built in 1924.

The school will remain closed Monday and Tuesday and will reopen Wednesday with students attending class at the GRPS University on Fuller.

If you’re a parent of North Park and wonder about drop-off/pick-up and other questions with the quick move, GRPS says they’ll send out that info Monday and Tuesday, before classes resume Wednesday morning.

WOODTV says if you still have more questions or concerns, reach out to GRPS, call 616-819-2149 or email

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