It's another One Hit Wonder Wednesday Night Shift with Craig Allen and this week we're highlighting 1981 as we continue our journey through the '80s for the one hit wonders. Join Craig tonight on 98.7 WFGR from 7 p.m. to midnight.

DIESEL - SAUSALITO SUMMER NIGHT: The band from the Netherlands is considered a rock group. This song is very pop and about summer nights in Sausalito is a city in Marin County just across the Golden Gate Bridge. Fog rolls in every night in the summer there is quite cold. Great place to visit, but the weather is better in the fall. "Sausalito Summer Night" reached #25 in September of 1981.

JOEY SCARBURY - THEME FROM GREATEST AMERICAN HERO: Joey hails from Canada and was the studio session singer for Mike Post. Mike did a lot of TV theme songs including The Rockford Files, Hillstreet Blues and Magnum, P.I. This theme reached #2 in May of 1981.

FRANKIE SMITH - DOUBLE DUTCH BUS: Frankie, an R&B singer, is from Philly. This song would only reach #30, but went double gold. "Double Dutch Bus" refers to a jump rope game (with two jump ropes) that was played by kids in his neighborhood.

BERTIE HIGGINS - KEY LARGO: Bertie is from Tarpon Springs, Fla. in the Tampa Bay area. Sing what you know about - obviously he visited Key Largo and loved the movie of the same name with Bogie & Bacall referring to Humphrey and Lauren who had one of the best love stories of all time.

TOM TOM CLUB - GENIUS OF LOVE: This was a studio project from Talking Heads members Chris Frantz and his wife Tina Weymouth. Somewhat of a tribute song to Funk highlighting Bootsy, Bohannon, Kurtis Blow and James Brown. Reached #31 in January of 1981. Part of this song would be sampled later by Mariah Carey.


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