Inland lakes make up over one percent of the total area of our state, which means many more miles of shoreline to add to those miles that we share with the Great Lakes. So it's kind of hard to choose when voting for 'Michigan's Best Inland Lake'. 

The Detroit Free Press has been having people vote for the state's Best Inland Lake on their Facebook page, and after the opening rounds, only one West Michigan lake made it to the semi-finals.

Gun Lake, located about half way between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, is the one of the few lower Michigan lakes to survive the first round of voting, which is being held tournament style.

The  lake, home to the Yankee Springs Recreation Area on the north shore and numerous summer homes, cottages and permanent homes on the south shore is a popular day lake for area boaters and water sports enthusiasts. It is also a short hop from the popular Gun Lake Casino.

Straddling Barry and Allegan County, the lake has been competing with much more well known Northern and Upper Michigan hot spots like Glen Lake near the Sleeping Bear Dunes, party hopping Torch Lake and sprawling Lake Charlevoix.

Photo By: Don Mason/ ThinkStock
Photo By: Don Mason/ ThinkStock

Speaking of Lake Charlevoix, did anyone notice Carmen on the Netflix series 'GLOW' sporting a Lake Charlevoix shirt in episode three?

And now there's a 'Real Housewives of Charlevoix' t-shirt out as well.



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