Pat Sajak has hosted "Wheel of Fortune" for 81 years. That's only strange because he just turned 68 last month, but I digress. He's a TV icon, with thousands of broadcasts under his belt.

And after hosting the show for so long, you would think he would have lost his temper with stupid guests once in awhile. Nope. The following video is the only known instance of the bland vanilla game show host EVER losing his temper. Just ask his kids and wife. They have been getting away with crap for YEARS!

"While filming a Best Friends Week episode in Hawaii, one puzzle caused Sajak to totally lose it. The category was "What Are You Doing?" After guessing an N and really having no hope, one of the contestants shouted out, "Riding a brown horse," which would've worked perfectly for the amount of letters but was just too ridiculous to be an answer. The next contestants then guessed, "Riding a white horse," causing Sajak to promptly walk off set.

Lee and Mitch, the pair with the original horse guess, would go on to win the show, but not before witnessing the Pat Sajak meltdown to end them all."

Oh yeah...Meltdown all right. Meh. He's no Charlie Sheen.

David Becker/Getty Images