Perrin Brewing Co. is toasting Festival of the Arts 50th Anniversary in Grand Rapids with a special, limited-release beer!

You can get Perrin's Amber of the Arts at Perrin Pub at 5910 Comstock Park Dr. in Comstock Park and select Grand Rapids bars that serve Perrin brews.

Festival of the Arts, a free community event celebrating ALL art, including dance, music, literature, media, visual arts and design is June 7-9 in downtown Grand Rapids.

What's the official beer of Festival of the Arts 50 taste like? Perrin describes it as "deep, complex and thought-provoking, much like many of the art pieces that the public will enjoy during Festival. Malt-forward characteristics and pleasant hop aroma make this masterpiece easy-drinking and enjoyable."

“Special thanks and HOORAH for Perrin Brewing! With the creation of this beer, we were looking for a creative way to partner with local bars and restaurants as a way of involving them during Festival,” said David Abbott, Executive Director for Festival of the Arts. “Being Beer City USA, we wanted to encourage festival goers to stop at their favorite downtown brewery, bar or restaurant and raise a glass of finely crafted Amber of the Arts to Festival’s 50th Celebration!”

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