It's unclear what caused an airplane to crash at an airport in southeastern Michigan, leaving two people dead.

Authorities say the crash of a small plane occurred late Tuesday morning at the end of a runway in a field just east of I-96 in Howell Township, according to the Howell Area Fire Department. Aerial footage obtained by WDIV shows the airplane crashed next to a runway at Livingston County Spencer J. Hardy Airport.

According to NBC 25 and the Livingston County Sheriff's Office, the crash has led to a complete shutdown at the airport, while at least 14 emergency crews work at the scene.

The Detroit News reports that marine deputies patrolling the area on Jet Skis witnessed the plane attempt to take off from the lake and when the plane became airborne, it appeared to struggle to gain altitude.

There are no immediate reports regarding if the two killed were the only ones aboard the plane at the time of the crash. The victims have not been identified at this time.

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