You probably have heard about the plane crash that happened last week in Charlevoix. It was all over the news late last week. A plane crashed into a garage on the approach to Charlevoix Municipal Airport. A place I have been by about a thousand times.

What you might not have known, for the sole survivor of the crash, Austin Hatch of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, this was the second plane crash he has survived. If he does, that is. Austin is in a coma in Traverse City.

Austin and his Dad, Dr. Stephen Hatch had survived a crash before. When Austin was 8, his mom, brother and sister were killed in a similar crash he and his dad survived. Now, this time, his dad and stepmom were killed, and he survived again. If he makes it out of the coma, he will have no siblings or family. Very sad.


I hate flying. And I would NEVER be in a small plane with only 3 or 4 people. AND, if by the grace of God, I was ever in a plane crash and survived, I'd NEVER EVER EVER EVER get in a plane again. If Austin survives this, I hope he stays firmly planted on the ground. I know air travel is very safe and all, but 2 crashes? He's a kid I'd bet on for president or something someday.

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