A West Michigan fire department was dispatched to a possible car accident and found a tiny, orange kitten in need of help.

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On Saturday, the Portage, Mich., Fire Division got called to the scene of a possible crash on Westnedge Ave. near Romance Road.

When officers arrived, the person involved told them they had witnesses another driver throw a kitten out of a car window.

WHO DOES SOMETHING LIKE THIS?! While I'm enraged at the scum who'd treat a living thing this way, I am so glad the firefighters were there to help!

The little one ended up between the frame and the suspension of a car.

A firefighter named Chris was able to crawl under the car, and pull the kitten to safety.

According to a Facebook post from the Portage Department of Public Safety,

The kitten was turned over to the driver. We think Lucky would be a good name for the kitten.

I think so too!

It's so upsetting that a person would toss a kitten from a moving vehicle, especially when there are so many organizations that can help! Reach out to a rescue or humane society, for goodness sake!

Many of the comments on the post share my anger.

Sherri writes,

I hope, no I pray, that they find the person who did this! That is so wrong on way too many levels to get away with throwing any animal out a window.

Judy comments,

Thanks for saving the kitten. Behavior like that deserves severe fines if they get catch before they meet their maker.

Mari says,

That is animal cruelty! What is the matter with some people? Talk about being mean-hearted! Definitely a lucky kitten to have survived being tossed out of a car on Westnedge.

It does sound like Lucky will have a loving new home!

A person name Heather, who appeared to be on the scene (and it may have been her car the little one was stuck under), commented on the post,

Wasn't expecting that to happen today, but was definitely in the the right place at the right time. Little baby is still scared so it's adjusting in its own room. I've been praying for a new kitty addition, so definitely was meant to be!

This is SO wonderful to hear! Thank you, Heather! And thank you Portage Fire Department!

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