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The Jukebox needs to plays CDs for the decade we're featuring tonight. A car only has to be 25 years old to be a classic and tonight we go back 30 years to the 1990s.

Funny you don't think of the '90s for one hit wonders, but every decade has them. This week we're playing a few songs from the 1990's that we normally don't play all the time, but maybe we should. The One Hit Wonder Wednesday Night Shift with Craig Allen fearing 90's artist that only had one hit

LEN -  "STEAL MY SUNSHINE": You had to ask yourself why this song sounds so familiar...well that's because it samples a song from Andrea True Connection "More More More"  who was a two-hit wonder. And since Len is from Ontario you probably got to see him play in Grand Rapids. His song hit #9 in August of 1999.

DEEP BLUE SOMETHING - "BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S":This Dallas, TX features the brothers of Todd and Toby Pipes. Oddly enough Breakfast at Tiffany's is what most people can afford. The most affordable gift for her with the Iconic Tiffany Blue is Color Block Coffee Mug for $60. And a Tiffany Watch for you starts around $3,500.

EAGLE-EYE CHERRY - "SAVE TONIGHT": Learn something new everyday - Eagle-Eye is his first name and Cherry is his last name. And Eagle-Eye is the younger brother of Neneh Cherry who on her own is a Two-Hit Wonder and they're both from Stockholm Sweden.

REMBRANDTS - "I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU": This Pop-Rock Duo from LA is considered a ONE HIT WONDER because they are so well known for one song, which is also the Theme Song from "Friends" which hit #17 in 1995. I bet that song still pays the bills today and funny "I'll Be There For You" wasn't even their biggest song. Back in 1991 they actually hit #15 with "Just The Way It Is, Baby" Yeah, I don't remember that one either...and that's why their on a lot of One Hit Wonder Lists of the 1990s.

OMC - "HOW BIZZARRE": Not to be confused with O.M.D. that had 4 hits in the 80's and that stood for Orchestral Manouvers In the Dark. OMC stands for Otara Millionaire Club. Singer is Pauly Fuemana from New Zealand who hit #4 in 1997 with "How Bizarre"

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